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About us

I am Kallie Swanepoel, a dedicated piano tuner and klavierstemmer. My journey is a passionate pursuit of the art of creating melodious harmony. With a finely-tuned ear and a profound understanding of the intricacies of acoustics, I have perfected the craft of tuning and maintaining pianos. My services encompass a wide range of expertise, including piano tuning, piano regulating, minor repairs, piano advice, and piano evaluation. Through years of unwavering dedication and expertise, I ensure that every note resonates in harmonious accord, allowing pianos to reach their fullest musical potential.

Are you tired of the frustration that comes with listening to an out of tune piano? I specialize in helping those who are genuinely committed to keeping their pianos perfectly tuned. I rely on my ears, not electronic tuning devices, just as all my valued clients prefer.

Armed with a 3-year diploma from the Institute for the Blind in Worcester, South Africa, and over three decades of experience, I am here to fine-tune your piano to perfection.

As the Chairperson of the SA Association of Professional Piano Tuners, I bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to the world of music.

Allow me to bring harmony into your life! For the ultimate playing experience, get your piano tuned to perfection now!

Services we offer

  1. Piano Tuning: Achieve pitch-perfect harmony with our professional piano tuning service. We use our finely-tuned ear and expertise to ensure your piano sounds its best.

  2. Piano Regulating: We meticulously adjust and fine-tune the mechanical components of your piano to optimize its performance, ensuring each key responds as it should.

  3. Minor Repairs: From sticky keys to pedal issues, we provide expert repairs to address minor problems that may be affecting your piano's playability.

  4. Piano Advice: As a seasoned professional, we offer valuable advice on piano care, maintenance, and even purchasing a new piano to match your needs and preferences.

  5. Piano Evaluation: If you're considering buying a new or used piano, we offer thorough piano evaluations to help you make an informed decision. We assess the condition, quality, and value of the instrument.

  6. Fine-Tuning by Ear: Unlike electronic tuning devices, we rely solely on our well-trained ears to tune your piano. This approach ensures a human touch and a personalized tuning experience that resonates with our clients.

  7. Three Decades of Expertise: With over 30 years of experience in the field, you can trust that your piano is in capable hands.

  8. SA Association of Professional Piano Tuners Chairperson: Benefit from our extensive expertise and leadership as the Chairperson of the SA Association of Professional Piano Tuners, demonstrating our commitment to the world of music.

  9. Passionate Dedication: Our journey is one of passionate dedication to the art of creating melodious harmony. We approach each piano tuning and service with the utmost commitment and love for music.

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